Cycle Group

Due to demand we have started a new cycling group in the area. We are hoping to lobby for proper cycleways, lockup facilities and to connect all the cyclists in the area.

If you would like to join up or get more information just contact us

New TTDP Cycling Gear available now

The cycle groups official gear is now ready!

The jerseys will be worn for the first time by the TTDP team in the Ring if Kerry leisure race on the 2nd of July. All sponsors are local businesses within Donabate/Portrane.

To purchase a jersey and shorts contact your local bicycle repair/maintenance man Eoin at


Due to the increase in people who are keeping a few chickens in their gardens, we have started a new group to share knowledge, equipment or to band together for discounts on materials.

If you have ever wanted to keep a few chickens and just don’t know how, contact us and our resident chicken keepers will be more than happy to give advice or to source chickens for you.

Chickenlink now has a local coopmaker, so email us at if you have any queries about coops or birds, or if you wish to receive a free copy of our chicken keeping guide.

The next chicken run is happening soon, so get in touch if you are looking for any new birds

Get Involved!

Race Night, November 19th, 9pm, Keelings Lounge